Who We Are


A democratic and just Zimbabwe.


To use creative forms of youth activism to open up democratic space in Zimbabwe.

All projects must be guided by Magamba’s key pillars:



Once upon a time in the sitting room of a flat in the Avenues – close to the Harare city centre – two guys, Comrade Fatso & Outspoken, hip hop and spoken word artists were running a youth network part time in between gigs. Slowly but surely the rebel alliance grew, became an organization and was named Magamba Network.

Magamba was born of necessity. The network emerged in 2007 during a time of political oppression and economic crisis. Youth are in the majority in Zimbabwe but suffer from lack of freedom of expression, unemployment and are often used as political tools. Magamba rose to inspire young people to be part of the change our country desperately needs. And we decided to do that using fun, creative tools that speak to young people in a language they understand: from hip hop to satire, from social media to innovation.

Our belief is in a Zimbabwe with participatory democracy, strong alternative media and a thriving creative economy. We believe in being the change we want to create so we’re about being horizontal and participatory. We’re about social justice. And we’re about having fun while we do it!

Today Magamba Network is Zimbabwe’s leading creative organization working on the cutting edge of culture, media, activism and innovation. Magamba’s award-winning initiatives include Shoko Festival, Zimbabwe’s biggest festival of urban culture; Moto Republik, Southern Africa’s first creative hub; the internationally acclaimed Zambezi News satire show, the weekly political news show The Week and the pioneering citizen journalism projects Open Parly and Kalabash Media.

Magamba has been a pioneer in Zimbabwean youth culture. The network launched the first ever satire show in the country, Zambezi News, which has gone on to inspire a whole new generation of young satirists and online content creators who use humour to deal with Zimbabwe’s complex political situation. The network has opened up space for free expression online through supporting and incubating a myriad of young bloggers and new media start ups that speak truth to power. Magamba has also been a pioneer in the hip hop, spoken word and comedy movements in Zimbabwe, building platforms for rebel expression and creating international tours for hot new acts with a message. Through launching Moto Republik, Zimbabwe’s first creative hub, Magamba has created a powerful space of collaboration for young creatives that is leading to groundbreaking new projects.

Our projects have reached millions of young Zimbabweans while also receiving massive international recognition. Magamba’s projects have featured on Amanpour (CNN), BBC, The Guardian and Channel 4 (UK) while at the same time being nominated for the Freedom Of Expression Awards (UK) and winning the Best African Comedian as Zambezi News at the African Entertainment Awards USA.

We believe that over the years most importantly we have inspired a new generation of young Zimbabweans to stand up and be heard. To be part of a positive movement to change Zimbabwe for the better. And we’re only just getting started. Join us on the journey!


* Top 100 (Magamba Network) – Freedom Of Expression Awards/Index on Censorship (UK) – 2017
* Promoter of The Year (Shoko Festival) – Nominee – Zim Hip Hop Awards, Harare, 2016
* Comedian of The Year (Zambezi News) – Winner – African Entertainment Awards (USA), 2016
* Outstanding TV Production (Zambezi News) – Nominee – National Arts Merit Awards – 2016
* Top 100 (Zambezi News) – Freedom Of Expression Awards/Index on Censorship (UK) – 2016
* Zimbabwe’s Top Ten Comedians – Rated Number 2 (Zambezi News) – Zimbojam, 2015
* Pursue Truth Award (B.TheMedia Project) – Winner – World Summit Youth Awards (UN), Sri Lanka, 2013
* Promoter of The Year (Shoko Festival) – Winner – Zim Hip Hop Awards, Harare, 2013
* Hip Hop Event of The Year (Shoko Festival) – Nominee – Remix Award, Washington DC, USA, 2013
* Hip Hop Organisation of The Year (Magamba Network) – Nominee – Remix Award, Washington DC, USA, 2013
* Best Short Foreign Film (Zambezi News) – Nominee – Abuja International Film Festival, Nigeria, 2012
* Promoter of The Year (Shoko Festival) – Winner – Zim Hip Hop Awards, Harare, 2012

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