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Magamba TV

Magamba TV is one of the country’s leading production houses for political satire and comedy shows, which use humour to speak truth to power. Magamba TV has been praised as “Sharp satire for troubled times” by The Economist and labelled as “Bold, daring and very talented” by the BBC. Magamba TV has seen impressive results:

Spontaneous Uptake & Spreading of Alternative Information by the Youth
Magamba TV saw its Gazaland production go viral on the streets of Zimbabwe. The show which criticizes police brutality and the government clampdown on civic activists saw extremely high views on YouTube (totalling 1,346,000 views over the season).This demonstrates the success of using satire to address key political issues. Magamba TV also had three nominations at the 2022 National Arts Merit Awards (NAMA) including being nominated for best Online TV Production.

Zambezi News
Zambezi News is a pioneering satirical voice on the African continent, using humour to deal with Zimbabwe and the continent's complex political and social issues. It has been nominated for the #Index100, National Arts Merit Award, African Entertainment Awards, and won Best African Comedian at the African Entertainment Awards USA. It has also made international headlines in the BBC, CNN, The Guardian newspaper (UK), Channel 4 News, NPR, Deutsche Welle, and The Economist.
The Week
The Week has grown into a powerful platform for reliable political and socio-economy commentary for young people reaching over 450,000 viewers online per season. It has been called “sharp satire for troubled times” by the 1843 magazine (The Economist). Zambezi News has made international headlines in the BBC, CNN, The Guardian newspaper (UK) and Channel 4 News labelled as “bold, daring and very talented” by the BBC.
Tsaona is a collaboration between Bustop TV and Zambezi News to create short, humorous video clips targeting the mass market that touch on current social issues in English and Shona. It has received an overwhelming response from viewers and was declared one of the top seven most successful internet video outfits in Zimbabwe by TechZim.