Moto Republik

Moto Republik is the first creative hub in Zimbabwe. It was born from an idea: that young people in Zimbabwe need a space where they can meet, collaborate and dream big. A space where a blogger can brainstorm with a graphic designer, where a young activist can connect with a rapper. A space where young people can be inspired to to be part of taking their country forward. So the dream was born, inspired by many different minds locally and globally. Moto Republik is now a cutting edge co-creation space where you can work collaboratively to sharpen your craft and produce the new big ideas that will drive the country forward. Moto Republik consists of a co-working space for creatives, office space for young start-up organisations, a workshop room and an events venue. The hub is located in groundbreaking new architecture: double story refurbished shipping containers in the Greater Avenues area. You have to see it to believe it!

The ‘Moto’ in Moto Republik stands for the flames of creativity; while the ‘Republik’ shows the vibrant community. Moto Republik is a space for young people to come together and dream of a new Zimbabwe and then to start building it. It is a space to create, to inspire and to change. We aim to be the change we believe in: by encouraging a community that is horizontal and participatory, by being a space for new alternative media, by promoting an economy that puts people over profit and by embodying a society that is sustainable and green. Join the creative revolution!

  • Co-Working Memberships

  • Events Hire

  • Creative Enterprise Accelerator Program

  • Moto Talks

  • Bloggers Cafe

  • Hustler’s Market

  • Creative Mornings

  • Tweet Tables

  • Women Creative Wednesdays