B. The Media

The B.The Media Project is all about us as young people not just opposing mainstream media that doesn’t talk to us. It’s about creating our own narratives and telling our own stories. It’s about us being the media. The B.The Media focuses on inspiring and incubating a new generation of young citizen journalists. The project won a World Summit Youth Award (United Nations) in 2013 in Sri Lanka for its pioneering work in citizen journalism. The project runs 3 major youth media initiatives: Open Parly, Kalabash and The Hub Unconference.


Open Parly is Magamba’s trailblazing new initiative that empowers young people to participate in political processes by training young citizen journalists to report live with news and analysis from the Zimbabwean Parliament. Named by NewsVyb magazine as the second most important Twitter handle to follow in Zimbabwe Open Parly has seen over 1 million impressions per month on Twitter. Open Parly’s blog and Twitter provides young people with immediate access to information about parliamentary activities and invites them to respond by engaging with MPs in conversations on social media. The watchful youth reporters and their analytical assessment of Parliament proceedings creates an atmosphere that encourages government transparency and accountability. Open Parly has now also evolved into one of Zimbabwe’s leading breaking news initiatives providing live coverage from demonstrations, press conferences and the like.



The award-winning digital platform Kalabash Media is an urban culture magazine that takes news from the streets to the web. A megaphone for the youth of Zimbabwe to blurt out everything that comes to mind and the things that affect them. Through blog posts and videos the magazine is the pulse of youth opinions in Zimbabwe and since 2012 developed over 100,000 unique readers. Kalabash has a style that is youthful, urban and purposefully disrespectful of authority! We like telling it like we see it!



 Zimbabwe’s biggest annual meet up of digital activists. Through its Hub Unconference workshops, local and international mentors nurture new citizen voices. The Hub Unconference at Shoko Festival is a 2 day event that welcomes and hosts over 300 young creatives, bloggers and digital activists, featuring speakers from around Africa, Europe, the US and South America. The Hub Awards give promising citizen journalism platforms startup capital to help launch their ventures Since 2014 Magamba has incubated 12 new media startups through the Hub Awards by awarding seed capital, organisational support & mentorship to the winners. The Hubs on average reach over 4 million impressions on Twitter per event. Outside of the Shoko Festival period, Hub Unconferences happen in Zimbabwe’s major cities Harare, Mutare, Gweru and Bulawayo with the view to expand further to include more cities and towns.