Open Parly

Open Parly is an initiative to promote a new generation of young citizen journalists. The project won a World Summit Youth Award (United Nations) award in 2013 in Sri Lanka for its pioneering work in citizen journalism.

Open Parly ZW is Zimbabwe’s trailblazing media platform creating engagement between young people and decision-makers and providing real-time access into the corridors of parliament through live tweeting and coverage. Open Parly has seen over 10 million impressions per month on Twitter and the handle has been named as “the 2nd most important Twitter handle to follow in Zimbabwe”.

Open Parly’s trailblazing initiatives have seen it spreading across Africa, with the launch of Open Parly in Somalia – known as – and with the launch of Open Parly ZED in Zambia.

In 2019 the project established 3 hyper-local news platforms with a focus on council related business under the banner of Open Council – Harare, Masvingo & Marondera. The platforms are bringing about radical transparency and accountability to local government and rural district council activities.

The project also organises the Hub Unconference – Zimbabwe’s biggest annual meet-up of digital activists. Since 2014 Magamba has incubated 16 new media startups through the Hub Awards by awarding seed capital, organisational support & mentorship to the winners.