The day Kirsty Coventry announced a joke

Opinion By Joel Mandaza Zimbabwe`s government through the Ministry of Youth has announced a $17 million COVID-19 relief package for its youth. At first glance, the grants appear like they were a product of structured thought until one gets to criteria and intricacies of the funds. The fund is offering once-off relief grants to businesses and …

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We created 2 million jobs already: Zanu PF

By Daniel Chigundu LABOUR and Social Welfare Deputy Minister Tapiwa Matangaidze told Parliament that Zanu PF has already created the promised 2 million jobs. Zanu PF in its 2013 election manifesto, promised to create about 2.2 million to help reduce the country’s unemployment rate which is said to be around 89 percent. Lack of employment opportunities has affected the youths mostly as they constitute about …

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