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Stop it! ED warns errant lecturers

By Watmore Makokoba President Emerson Mnangagwa has warned higher and tertiary education lectures who are engaging in corrupt practices and sexually abusing students that the full wrath of the law will descend upon them unaware. Some lecturers in various institutions of higher learning in the country are reportedly sexually abusing students promising them good marks, while others are taking bribes from students to award them …

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2018 elections: Political violence flares-up

By Wisdom Mumera Incidents of politically-related violence appear to have flared up of late, as the country gears for the impending 2018 elections,  raising fears that there may be another bloody episode awaiting. Zimbabwe, will for the first time hold a general election without former President Robert Mugabe who was dethroned by the military in November last year. However, some political commentators are of the …

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National Schools Pledge to be replaced: Mavima

By Daniel Chigundu Primary and Secondary Education Minister Paul Mavima says there unpopular School Pledge introduced by former Minister Lazarus Dokora needs to be removed and replaced by a National Pledge instead. Under the School Pledge which replaced the traditional Lord’s Prayer, school children are required to pledge their allegiance to the country’s flag. However, this development was not received well by most parents affiliated …

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Ximex dealers are innocent: MDC-T

By Buhle Tshavango MDC-T has rubbished claims that violent attacks which occurred at their party headquarters (Harvest House) were caused by Ximex Mall dealers as earlier suggested, adding that investigations pinpoint to rowdy Zanu PF youths. These revelations follow closely in the heels of a statement released by Zanu PF Harare province youth chairman Godwin Gomwe stating that his personal investigation had revealed that the …

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Zim youths declare own ‘Operation Restore Legacy’

By Watmore Makokoba After the successful ‘Operation restore legacy’ initiated by the Zimbabwe Defence Forces last month, disgruntled youth under the banner Revolutionary Freedom Fighters (RFF) have launched a campaign to preserve and guard the gains attained by the country’s liberation struggle and restore lost legacy. The youths composed of activists and aspiring politicians, some who are vying for Parliamentary seats in the coming elections …

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Zanu PF stole our policies: Sibindi

 By Watmore Makokoba People’s Democratic Union (PDU) president Christopher Bengwani Sibindi claims Zanu PF has been thriving on stealing ideas and policies from his party since 1999. Speaking at a press conference recently, Sibindi said some of the outstanding policies and programs implemented by Zanu PF were stolen from his party manifesto by Zanu PF. “Most of our policies were (copied) and implemented by Zanu …

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Ministry in ambitious job creation plan

By Wisdom Mumera Local Government Ministry has set in motion an ambitious plan to create about 1 million jobs within the next 100 days by harnessing quick wins through stalled and pending projects in the country’s various constituencies. These include the building of roads, clinics, dams, sports centres and other such infrastructure. Speaking during a meeting with various local government officials, permanent secretary in the …

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Viva Zimbabwe fires Acie Lumumba

By Daniel Chigundu Youth-based opposition party Viva Zimbabwe says it has expelled its founding chairman Acie Lumumba for berating other opposition parties and also because of his intentions to rejoin Zanu PF. In the past weeks, Lumumba has been associating himself with the Emmerson Mnangagwa-led Zanu PF via his posts on social media, prompting the party’s supporters and the generality of Zimbabweans to question his …

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BREAKING!!! Mugabe still President: Tshinga Dube

By Daniel Chigundu Former War Veterans Minister Tshinga Dube says President Robert Mugabe has not yet stepped down as leader of the country and his fate will only be finalised tomorrow. Briefing people after a demonstration organised by war veterans, Comrade Dube said “I have been sent by General Constantine Chiwenga to advise people to go home for today, he said we should not go …

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Military takeover: 2018 elections now in doubt

By Daniel Chigundu Veritas Zimbabwe says there is a likelihood that 2018 elections will be postponed owing to current political issues bedevilling the country which were worsened by the recent military intervention. On Tuesday, the Zimbabwe Defence Forces (ZDF) took over power from President Robert Mugabe a development which some commentators have described as “soft coup”. On its part, ZDF said it has not taken …

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