Sanctions are real but… (Part 1)

By Prosper Chitambara The major highlight of the past week was the anti-sanctions march on Friday 25 October; a day designated as the anti-sanctions day by SADC and declared a public holiday by the government of Zimbabwe. While external sanctions are real and have had some negative implications on the economy, the worst form of …

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Here Is Why Zimbabweans Don’t Want A SADC Led Intervention

By Watmore Makokoba After having found hope from the military action that took place in the past few days, Zimbabweans do not want anything to stand on their way to freedom from Mugabe’s 37 ruthless rule. Following what seems to be coup by the Zimbabwean National Army (ZNA), though they denied it’s a coup, the current SADC Chairperson, South Africa President Jacob Zuma confirmed that …

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