Life After First Ladyism: Possible Career Options For Grace Mugabe

By Simba The Comic King  Sometimes they say you just have to know when to quit…but not when you lived in the Mugabe household. The f**king house itself would have to quit before the Mugabes’ do because that’s how they rolled b**ches, f**k what you, the army, your fellow ZANU PF comrades or the house […]

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President Mugabe set to meet Mnangagwa

By Nyasha N Mukapiko President Robert Mugabe is set to meet with former Vice President Emmerson Mnangagwa who is expected in the country anytime soon, Zimbabwe Defense Forces (ZDF)Commander General Constantino Chiwenga announced during a press conference at the army headquarters on Monday night. Chiwenga said meetings between president Mugabe and ZDF had gone on in an atmosphere of mutual respect and several guarantees had been made. …

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5 African Presidents Who Have Been In Power Longer Than You Have Been Alive

By Simba The Comic King The rest of the world has come a long way in terms of democracy but for every democratic step forward the rest of the world has taken, Africa has taken democracy and shoved it up the collective a**es of its people. Africa is almost like the Disneyland of overstaying in […]

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Tsvangirai Speaks On Rumours That He Is In Talks With The Army

By Watmore Makokoba The leader for the Movement for Democratic Change Morgan Tsvangirai has refuted rumors circulating alleging that the army has approached him to map a way of brokering a deal for a transitional political process following the army’s seizure of power. Speaking to Journalists during a media briefing at Highlands residents Tsvangirai said there no any talk or negotiations going on between him …

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Zim War Vets Celebrate Military Operation. Should We Be Worried?

By Wisdom Mumera War veterans aligned to expelled former Vice President Emmerson Mnangagwa have hailed the military operation which has confined President Mugabe to his residents saying its a corrective move to take back the captured state. As a going forward mechanism they have called for a Transitional government in a move likely to be well-received by the opposition some of whom, like PDP leader …

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Zimbabwean War Vets Call For A Commission Of Inquiry To Look Into Crimes By Robert Mugabe

BY Tafadzwa Muranganwa The war veterans have urged the ZANU PF central committee to set a commission of inquiry on President Robert Mugabe who is reportedly under house arrest. Speaking at a packed media conference, the Zimbabwe National  Liberation War Veterans Association(ZNLWA) secretary general Victor Matemadanda  said  the central committee  should set up a commission of inquiry to probe crimes that were committed by President …

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Opinion: It’s Sunset For Mugabe But Where To For Zimbabwe?

By Patson Dzamara That Robert Mugabe divides opinion is not contestable. Whatever views anyone possesses about him, what can never be taken away from Mugabe are his liberation and dictatorship credentials. The past 10 days saw Zimbabwe lurching from one monumental event to another, inscribing an indelible mark on Mugabe and what he represents. Most importantly, in these 10 days, many drastic political developments took …

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BREAKING : Zimbabwean War Veterans Call For The Removal Of President Robert Mugabe

By Watmore Makokoba Following the sudden turn of events in the country, Zimbabwe Liberation War Veterans have applauded the action taken by the Zimbabwe defense Forces to stamp control over the chaos in Zanu PF and called for the reinstatement of all booted out party stewards before Congress. Addressing Journalists in Harare a few hours ago ousted War Veterans leader Douglas Mahiya said the constitution …

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Grace commits political suicide

By Watmore Makokoba In the world of politics, anything done in excess has consequential repercussions at the end, recent developments in ruling party Zanu PF points out to a time bomb mainly emanating from its obsession of grabbing power to get stronger. The inherent clean-up exercise that became rampant when First Lady Grace Mugabe entered […]

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