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Zimbabwe After the Military Takeover: Prospects for Credible Elections and Human Rights Reforms

Dewa Mavhinga (Testimony) before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee (Courtesy of https://www.hrw.org) December 12, 2017 Introduction Thank you, Chairman Flake, Ranking Member Booker, and other members of this subcommittee for giving me the opportunity to testify on behalf of Human Rights Watch at this hearing on Zimbabwe. I would like to request that my statement in its entirety be submitted for the record. My name is …

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ZHRC intervenes in Masvingo police brutality case

By Watmore Makokoba A case of police brutality which happened in Masvingo where Anna Masuka of Ngundu Village, Ward 11 in Gutu District was handcuffed to a fence for about seven hours is now being investigated by the Zimbabwe Human Rights Commission (ZHRC). ZHRC was alerted of the story which went viral on social media by the Zimbabwe Lawyers for Human Rights who are representing …

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Call to expedite Cyber Bill gets louder …as unsophisticated Zim fails to locate “Hitman”

By Daniel Chigundu THERE are fears that the Parliamentary Privileges Committee report on death threat messages to MDC-T Members of Parliament (MPs) might be abused to introduce the Cyber Crime Bill. After failing to locate the origin of the messages, The Privileges Committee recommended that there is need to expedite the process of bringing into the operation of the Cyber-crimes Bill, which should establish a Cyber …

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BVR kits expected end of August

By Nkanyiso Ncube ZIMBABWE Electoral Commission (ZEC) says it is expecting to receive the Biometric Voter Registration (BVR) kits by end of August this year if things go according to plan. The kits are going to be supplied by Chinese based Laxton Group Limited who won the tender ahead of a German company called Dermalog Identification Systems. Dermalog was asking for about US$5.5 million to …

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Is Dr. Nkosana Moyo the dark horse in the 2018 Presidential elections

By Tariro Daphne Senderayi  There has been a lot of names fielded for Zimbabwe’s 2018 presidential elections. Of interest is a renowned technocrat Dr. Nkosana Moyo the former Minister of Industry and International Trade. Some would call him the Simba Makoni of the race whilst some have been more receptive, referring to him as one of the most ‘sober’ presidential candidates. News of him possibly running …

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Zanu PF Youth – Mugabe’s Trump card for the 2018 Elections

By Tafadzwa Murangwana  The state broadcaster on Monday ran their top stories around the ‘meet the youth’ tour that President Robert Mugabe will embark on this Friday in Marondera at the behest of the party’s youth league led by Kudzai Chipanga. I could not stomach that the reports which suggested that, top on the agenda would be the issue to do with residential stands. Is …

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In Zimbabwe, we have become experts of the blame game

By Daniel Chigundu PEOPLE’S Democratic Party (PDP) economic affairs secretary Vince Musewe has called on Zimbabweans especially those in the opposition parties to stop blaming others for their failures and focus finding solutions. The ruling party Zanu PF and the main opposition party MDC-T have a long history of always blamed each other for the current problems bedeviling the country. According to Zanu PF, Zimbabwe …

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Musewe calls for long-term election observers

By Daniel Chigundu Economist-cum-politician Vince Musewe says the country cannot rely on Short-term election-Observers (STOs) to determine the fairness of the polls. Unlike STOs, Long-term-Observers (LTOs) come to a country in advance of the election usually three or four months, to speak with government officials, party leaders, members of the media, academics or experts, diplomats, and representatives from minority groups with regards to impending elections. …

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