Kudos to RBZ On Cyber Security Drive, But….

By Tafadzwa Muranganwa The recent monetary policy by the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe (RBZ) acknowledged cyber security risks the country faces and encouraged financial institutions to take pre-cautionary measures to deal with the phenomenon but a lot remains to be done. The institutions said it is, ‘aware that cyber risks will keep changing due to …

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[DOWNLOAD] Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe 2019 Monetary Policy Statement

The Bank has taken note of the excellent contributions from the business community, bankers, the academia, the media and members of the public on the need to establish an inter-bank foreign exchange market to formalise the selling and buying of USDs through banks and bureau de change. This is essential in order to bring sanity …

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Govt seeks to keep US, Bond Note value at par

By Daniel Chigundu Ministry of Finance says it will present the 2019 National Budget in US dollars because it is the currency unit of account and that it is looking at measures of keeping the Bond Notes at par with the dollar. The Bond Note was introduced a few years ago as an export incentive …

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