Internet security; Beware, government is watching you!!

By Kalabash Contributor At a recently held Zimbabwe Internet Governance Forum(ZIGF) conference, delegates were taken aghast when a Potraz representative revealed that government does online surveillance. Mr Tichafa Mujuru of the Postal and Telecommunications Regulatory Authority of Zimbabwe (POTRAZ) believes it will be folly for a government of this ‘day and age’ not to take […]

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Chikurubi Prison: why we must feel for female prisoners

By Daniel Chigundu Chikurubi Female Maximum Prison is one of the worst places that you would not even wish your enemies to be detained at for whatever reasons. The prison is well known for not having running water, coupled with defunct squat toilets and dilapidated showers. Access to water and toilets is critical especially for women’s health whether free or incarcerated owing to their biological …

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