Saviour “Tyson” Kasukuwere Punches Back

Jules Winnfield Former Local Government Minister Saviour Kasukuwere appears to have suffered enough of the Junta’s witch-hunt following his political fall, after his social media account suddenly exploded with attacks and dire warnings on Friday. Though noone’s name appears its clear as the Junta’s failure who the G40 strong man is talking about. “I said …

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The Factions Fighting for Power in Zanu PF : G40 [Part 2]

By Watmore Makokoba As news about the political drama unfolds here in Zimbabwe, a lot might be wondering who or what is G40, here is a snapshot of what the grouping is all about in case people are curious. G40 (Generation 40) firstly is the culprit faction within the ruling party Zanu PF that is today at the receiving end of the long held fights …

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Army Seizes Power In Zimbabwe : Here Is What We Know So Far

By Watmore Makokoba From the look of things on the ground the Zimbabwe national Army has taken over control of the country following a dramatic fall out with G40 faction apparently led by the first lady Grace Mugabe. So far reports are saying that the Zanu PF Political Commissar and Minister for Local Government  Savior Kasukuwere , Minister for  Finance Ignatius Chombo ,Minister for Higher …

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Zim’s Craziest Headlines this Week

By Kalabash Contributor It has been a wet and cold week from Harare one that got many admitting climate change is real. The downpours have stopped (for now) and a bit of sun is shining on the sunshine city. As we look in the mainstream media, the use of goats to pay school fees has […]

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“ZANU PF reforming from within,” says Mnangagwa

By Tariro Daphne If recent sentiments by Vice President Emerson Mnangangwa are to go by, the factional battles that have ejected some party members are part of Zanu Pf’s rejuvenation. Recently Sarah Mahoka and Sandi Moyo were booted out of the party, National Commissar, Saviour Kasukuwere has been under fire with fellow party member calling for his ouster citing corruption and fanning factionalism as the …

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Saviour Kasukuwere responds to online petition to #SaveMotoRepublik

by Munya Bloggo Saviour Kasukuwere, Zimbabwe’s Minister of Local Government today responded to the online petition that has been trending in Zimbabwe since 9 March 2017 to #SaveMotoRepublik. Moto Republik is Zimbabwe’s first creative hub located in the greater avenues area, in Harare, Zimbabwe. Over 3 000 young people have walked through its doors since […]

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On March 9, 2017, Harare City Council arrived at Moto Republik, Zimbabwe’s first creative hub, with the intention of demolishing the structure. Over 20 municipal police officers and 8 supervisors arrived at Moto Republik and without providing any court order or time to vacate the building, began to hack away at the Moto Republik shipping […]

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