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#Ivote4PeaceZW Archives ⋆ Magamba Network
Voter registration slips: Saruwaka wants chiefs arrested

By Watmore Makokoba Mutasa Central legislator Trevor Saruwaka has called on the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (ZEC) and human rights organisation to investigate and cause the arrest of chiefs who are violating electoral laws. Traditional leaders under Chief Mukahanana in Mutasa Central are reportedly forcing people to submit voter registration slips after registering and Honourable Saruwaka said this development is unacceptable as it violates the country’s …

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Mnangagwa can’t win without army help: Kagoro

By Tafadzwa Muranganwa Lawyer and political commentator Brian Kagoro says President Emmerson Mnangagwa cannot win the impending 2018 elections without the aid of the military adding that the opposition only need to focus on fundamentals. Zanu PF is currently fractured by factionalism which saw former President Robert Mugabe being removed from power by the military in a bloodless coup. The military invention was targeted at …

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BVR Mop-Up exercise: irregularities hamper progress

By Pretty Chavango Election Resource Centre (ERC) says while the biometric voter registration Mop-Up exercise is a noble idea, but the process is however marred in a lot irregularities. One of the irregularities includes failure by ZEC to timeously release a list of voter registration centres to ensure effective participation by citizens from an informed position. The Mop-Up exercise started on January 10 and will …

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MDC-T warned over false entitlement to urban voters

By Wisdom Mumera MDC-T which is the biggest opposition party in Zimbabwe by support base has been castigated for harbouring a false sense of entitlement to urban voters at the expense of carrying out effective and convincing voter campaigns during elections. Members of the public are however of the opinion that this false sense of entitlement can be dangerous for the opposition in 2018 elections …

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MDC Alliance: Tsvangirai assure partners

By Daniel Chigundu MDC-T leader Morgan Tsvangirai has assured his MDC Alliance partners that his party is still committed to the Alliance agreement which includes seat allocation. Tsvangirai’s reassurance comes in the wake of a report that MDC-T was conducting candidate selection in all 210 Parliamentary seats and local authority against the spirit of the alliance which agreed to share the same seats. In a …

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No need to gang up against Zanu PF: PDU

By Daniel Chigundu People’s Democratic Union (PDU) says there is no need for opposition parties to gang up against Zanu PF, adding that what is needed only are good policies and good leadership. A coalition of opposition parties is widely believed to have been the missing link that was needed to defeat Zanu PF which has ruled the country for an uninterrupted 37 years. In …

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Zimbabwe After the Military Takeover: Prospects for Credible Elections and Human Rights Reforms

Dewa Mavhinga (Testimony) before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee (Courtesy of https://www.hrw.org) December 12, 2017 Introduction Thank you, Chairman Flake, Ranking Member Booker, and other members of this subcommittee for giving me the opportunity to testify on behalf of Human Rights Watch at this hearing on Zimbabwe. I would like to request that my statement in its entirety be submitted for the record. My name is …

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What Tendai Biti said in America (Testimony)

Zimbabwe at the Crossroads : A Chance for a New Beginning Testimony before the Senate Foreign Relations Subcommittee on Africa and Global Health policy Tendai Biti MDC Alliance Former Minister of Finance December 12, 2017 Thank you, Chairman Flake, Ranking Member Booker, and other members of the Subcommittee. We thank you for inviting us to this great center of American democracy. The 14th of November …

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Parly urged to abolish 50% plus 1 vote requirement

By Daniel Chigundu Harare residents have called on Parliament to abolish the electoral law that requires a winner in Presidential elections to get at least 50% plus 1 vote to become President of Zimbabwe. According to the country’s electoral laws, if there is no candidate with 50% plus 1 vote in Presidential elections, the leading two candidates in that election go for a run-off. This …

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ZEC fails to pay US$768K for car hire

By Daniel Chigundu Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (ZEC) has been identified as one of the leading factors that have been weighing down the smooth operation of the Central Mechanical and Equipment Department (CMED). CMED is one of the state-owned enterprises which were created to be self- financing cash cows for the government under the Commercialisation Act of 2000 but has been dismally failing raise revenue for …

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