Life After First Ladyism: Possible Career Options For Grace Mugabe

By Simba The Comic King  Sometimes they say you just have to know when to quit…but not when you lived in the Mugabe household. The f**king house itself would have to quit before the Mugabes’ do because that’s how they rolled b**ches, f**k what you, the army, your fellow ZANU PF comrades or the house […]

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Gucci Grace abandons sinking ship

by Buhle Tshavango The whereabouts of Zimbabwe’s first shopper appear to be sketchy as an air of uncertainty hangs about her fate after the announced house arrest of the first family. While it is reported that she has fled to Namibia with her daughter’s family to seek safe haven it is not clear whether this is factual or not. As the castle of cards she …

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The Factions Fighting for Power in Zanu PF : G40 [Part 2]

By Watmore Makokoba As news about the political drama unfolds here in Zimbabwe, a lot might be wondering who or what is G40, here is a snapshot of what the grouping is all about in case people are curious. G40 (Generation 40) firstly is the culprit faction within the ruling party Zanu PF that is today at the receiving end of the long held fights …

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Showy acquisitions: Grace drawn back into spotlight

By Wisdom Mumera First Lady Grace Mugabe has been drawn under the spotlight again after her son Russell Goreraza imported two Rolls Royce vehicles at a cost of R70 million drawing the ire of many who feel the acquisitions are corrupt benefits. Commenting on the picture of the imported Rolls Royce on social media, Gokwe Nembudziya legislator Justice Wadyejena branded the acquisitions as being a …

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Mwana waTeacher Haarohwe #KalaVernac

By Jeda Tichapakura KalaVernac is the new Kalabash series supporting Zimbabwe’s indigenous languages!  Hapana chinhu chinofadza sekuenda kubasa kwababa vako ,kunyanya-nyanya kana baba vako varishefu. Mwana wa Chief Superintended haajairirwe muCamp yemapurisa. Mwana waColonel haanetswe muBarack remaSoja. Mwana waMatron haana chigayi pachikoro ChemaNurse. Hauna zvaunomuita mwana iyeye. Zuro ndizuro pa mission school pedu patinodzidza, umwe musikana muForm […]

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Why Nera Youth is protesting against Grace’s diplomatic immunity

By Staff Reporter NERA Youth Forum will today (30 August 2017) hold a demonstration at the South African embassy in Belgravia Harare to register their displeasure following the granting of diplomatic immunity to First Lady Grace Mugabe by that country’s Department of International Relations. The youth forum intends to hand over a petition that details their displeasure a few weeks ago, Grace Mugabe made headlines …

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Why Grace Mugabe need prayers

By Staff Reporter NORTON legislator Temba Mliswa has called on churches to spare a moment this coming Sunday and pray for first lady Grace Mugabe so that she can get delivered from anger following a debacle with a South African model Gabriella Engels. The outspoken Mliswa who was briefing the press on a number of wide-ranging issues revealed that he was once a victim of …

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Food-Aid can go hang …we have produced enough food: Grace

By Daniel Chigundu FIRST-LADY Grace Mugabe says donor agencies and development partners are now a threat and should take their Food-Aid elsewhere this season adding that the country has produced enough to feed its people. Zimbabwe is said to require about 2.2 million metric tonnes of maize to ensure food security and self sustenance from one season to another. However, since 2000 when the country …

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In the midst of political confusion

by  Linda Tsungirirai Masarira  In the midst of the political confusion that has gripped our country, many people are wondering if we have come to the end of Zimbabwe. The answer is simple: the thing called an “end” does not exist, not in relation to a country. Zimbabwe will be there long after Mugabe is […]

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