Ten former Ministers who will not make it into the Mnangagwa cabinet

By Tafadzwa Muranganwa The announcement by the Chief Secretary to the President and Cabinet Misheck  Sibanda that President Emmerson Mnangagwa wants a lean cabinet means he will definitely leave some formers ministers out of his Cabinet. Though Mnangagwa spoke of forgiveness in reference to the retributive action on perceived G40 members,  it will be a big surprise to see the following former ministers bouncing back. …

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Moyo Feels the Fury of Zimbos from Political Exile

By Wisdom Mumera In the aftermath of his banishment from Zanu PF, exiled former Minister of Higher and Tertiary Education Professor Jonathan Moyo has sought to air out his pains on social media but the ploy has been met with staggering derision and anger by many #Twimbos. Moyo has slowly increased his visibility on Twitter after an unusual period of silence in the aftermath of …

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Mnangagwa’s Puzzle of Power

By Wisdom Mumera President Emmerson Mnangagwa faces the unenviable puzzle of navigating a minefield of expectations, colliding obligations and winning to his side polarised opposites with no diplomatic middle ground. From this end, he won’t manage to evade all the booby traps. One of them is going to explode in his face. The prophetic summation […]

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Mugabe hero-worshipping Soiled Mzembi’ s Image

By Tafadzwa Muranganwa UNWTO secretary general 2017 losing candidate and former Foreign Affairs Minister Dr Walter Mzembi is presumably pinching himself for failing to play his political cards well. The then tourism minister was close to clinching the world tourism body’s top post in May this year but failed to garner enough votes in the […]

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Don Cheadle, You Have Every Right To Play Robert Mugabe

By Samantha Nyasha At the height of one of Zimbabwe’s most historical moments that involved a coup, an impeachment and the unavoidable resignation of one of Africa’s oldest and most infamous president, a fake movie poster started circulating. It was a dream cast of who would eventually play the lead roles in the inevitable movie […]

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Viva Zimbabwe fires Acie Lumumba

By Daniel Chigundu Youth-based opposition party Viva Zimbabwe says it has expelled its founding chairman Acie Lumumba for berating other opposition parties and also because of his intentions to rejoin Zanu PF. In the past weeks, Lumumba has been associating himself with the Emmerson Mnangagwa-led Zanu PF via his posts on social media, prompting the party’s supporters and the generality of Zimbabweans to question his …

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ZEC fails to pay US$768K for car hire

By Daniel Chigundu Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (ZEC) has been identified as one of the leading factors that have been weighing down the smooth operation of the Central Mechanical and Equipment Department (CMED). CMED is one of the state-owned enterprises which were created to be self- financing cash cows for the government under the Commercialisation Act of 2000 but has been dismally failing raise revenue for …

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Attend A Parliament Portfolio Commitee Meeting This Week

SCHEDULE OF PORTFOLIO AND THEMATIC COMMITTEE MEETINGS FOR THE WEEK ENDING FRIDAY, 01 DECEMBER 2017. Open sessions can be attened by the public. Please ensure you have an ID in order to enter the Parliament building.   NAME OF PORTFOLIO COMMITTEE DATE TIME VENUE ACTIVITY Transport and Infrastructural Development Monday 27 Nov 2017 1000hrs Committee Room No. 1 Deliberations on the oral evidence received from …

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Here Are 2 Ways You Can Participate In Shaping The Electoral Amendment Bill & The Insolvency Bill

  Parliament has made another change to the programme of Public Hearings on the Electoral Amendment Bill and the Insolvency Bill.  The Portfolio Committee on Justice, Legal and Parliamentary Affairs will now be split into two teams to enable it to hold hearings in eleven centres, five more than previously scheduled.  Here is how you can participate> Attend A Public Consultation  Programme for Public Consultations …

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